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  • If possible, a photo of Joaquín Rodrigo. If too hard to find, a photo of different musical instruments.

    Musical instruments: Joaquin Rodrigo

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the different types of musical instruments and one of Spain’s most famous composers, Joaquín Rodrigo.

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    Where is it?

    In this lesson plan, pupils create a mini-book while practising prepositions of place, including ’on’ and ’under’.

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    What shops are there in your town?

    This lesson plan teaches the names of shops as well as ‘there is’ and ‘there are’.

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    What are you doing?

    This lesson plan reviews the present continuous tense and key verbs expressing day-to-day activities.

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    A lesson plan with colouring and cut-out activities to teach the names of different sports.

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    The clothes line

    In this lesson plan, pupils practise clothing vocabulary by creating a model clothes line.

  • Photo of two and three dimensional shapes, e.g.: triangle, square, cube, etc.

    Shapes and colours

    In this lesson plan, pupils learn to distinguish between two- and three- dimensional shapes, and recognise these shapes in their immediate surroundings by matching and counting. Includes project ideas.

  • Photo of Pablo Picasso.


    In this lesson plan, pupils learn about influential artist Pablo Picasso while consolidating key art vocabulary.

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    Meal times and bedtime

    Pupils match activities to the appropriate time of day in this fun arts and craft exercise.

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    In this lesson plan, pupils add primary colours to determine the resulting secondary and tertiary colours and use a numbered key to colour a picture. Teacher’s notes include suggested warm up activities to relate the lesson to students’ own experiences with colour, as well as additional project ideas.

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    An obstacle course

    In this lesson plan, pupils create an obstacle course using cut-outs to practise ‘over’, ‘through’ and other prepositions of movement.

  • Photo of cut-outs of shapes.

    A shape exhibition

    A great lesson plan that uses coloured pencils and cut-outs to introduce or review shapes.

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    Experiments: 3D shadows

    In this experiment, pupils learn how to produce the illusion of a 3D shadow using two different coloured light sources and colour-filtered glasses. Matching and gap-fill activities help students revise related vocabulary and prepositional phrases. Students then discuss the outcome of the experiment with a partner and write a report ...

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    The Turner Prize

    A worksheet with reading and vocabulary activities on the topic of modern art and the history of the Turner Prize.

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    Experiments: Gone with a bang

    In this experiment, students make a banger and use this to learn how energy can be released and turned into sound waves. The accompanying activities practise reading instructions and linking words. Key vocabulary and practical teacher's notes are included.

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    Experiments: 360-degree periscope

    In this experiment, students build a periscope and explore the effects of mirrors on the passage of light. The accompanying activities practise preposition phrases and writing a scientific report. Students predict the results of the experiment using future tense. Key vocabulary and practical teacher’s notes are included.

  • Art in classroom

    Using art in the classroom

    A series of articles by Jamie Keddie containing lesson plans, teaching tips, and suggestions for using art in the classroom. 

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    Young learner topics: Make a monster

    A lesson where students practice using 'I've got...' to describe parts of the body and ask the question 'Have you got...?'

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    Young learner topics: Animal masks

    Children practise following instructions and learn vocabulary for parts of the face and personality adjectives by making an animal mask.

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    Young learner topics: Festivals - Birthday cards

    A fun lesson by Hans Mol to practise festivals vocabulary and task words. Children make a birthday card with a message.