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  • Photo of a group of students reading,  can be a group or just a couple of them

    Reading matters: What is reading?

    This article takes a look at what we actually mean by reading and whether or not it can be taught or just practised.

  • Photo of a group of students and a teacher reading in a classroom.

    Reading matters: Reading strategies

    This article looks at a variety of different strategies and examines why, when and how you might use each of them to develop your students' reading skills.

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    Reading matters: Genre

    In this article, Adrian Tennant explores the issue of text types and includes a number of practical activities.

  • Reading matters: Decoding texts

    Adrian Tennant delves into the detail of how texts are put together and how you can infer meaning. He also covers the presumptions we make when reading texts and how to deal with issues such as vocabulary within a text as well as issues connected to punctuation.

  • Reading matters: Extensive reading

    This article looks at extensive reading and aims to answer the following questions: What is extensive reading? Why is extensive reading valuable for learning? What types of reading can be done? How do you incorporate extensive reading into your teaching? How do you find out what the students have learnt? ...