A set of game cards and activities with Thanksgiving and fall vocabulary.

Numerous studies have shown the importance and positive impact of games on learning. After all, you know your students love playing in their free time, be it video, mobile or tabletop games. This is why by incorporating games in your classroom you can help your learners develop a positive relationship with the language and English lessons. While working with games, the teacher’s role changes from an instructor to a guide. This helps you to reduce teacher talking time and make the students the centre of the lesson.


Try this game to use our Thanksgiving Game Cards in your classroom!

Yes/No questions mingling game (all levels, 6+ student classes)

  • Ask students to place word cards on the left and image cards on the right in the same order to create a word-image association.
  • Go over the new vocabulary as a class.
  • Choose as many cards as you have students in your class.
  • Shuffle cards, distribute to students and remind them they should not let anyone see their card.
  • Students mingle and ask each other yes/no questions about their partner’s card, like ‘Is it orange? Is it an animal?’ until they find the match for their card.
  • If your class is lower level, explain the game before distributing cards and elicit some questions and / or the question structure (e.g., the difference between yes / no question and do / does questions, like ‘Is it an animal?’ and ‘Does it make fire?’). If necessary, put these questions on the board
  • If your class is small, repeat the game a few times with other cards.


When working with games, let loose your creativity to build a motivating environment in your classroom. Remember that emotions are an important part of the learning process! Enjoy this material with your class and let us how you liked it!


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