In this webquest, students will find out when and how Ramadan is celebrated each year, learn about the rules around fasting, and watch six British Muslims talking about Ramadan and Eid.


Activity 1: Treasure hunt

Visit this website to find the answers to the following questions.

1. What is Ramadan?

2. When is Ramadan celebrated each year?

3. What differences are there between solar and lunar calendars?

4. Why do Muslims celebrate during this month?

5. What is tarawih?

6. What is sawm?

7. Why do Muslims practise sawm?

8. What and when do people eat during Ramadan?

9. What is Eid al-Fitr and how is it celebrated?

Now, write a short composition about Ramadan.

Activity 2: Fasting

Below are the descriptions of six different Muslims. Some of them are expected to fast during Ramadan and some of them do not have to. Read the rules on the webpage below, under the section ‘Sawm’. Then put a tick if the person has to fast and a cross if they don’t.

1. a woman who has a five-day-old baby

2. a thirteen-year-old girl

3. a man in intensive care in a hospital

4. a businessman travelling to New York

5. a 90-year-old woman

6. a doctor

If people don’t fast, what should they do instead?

Activity 3: British Muslims

You will hear six British Muslims talk about why they fast. Watch the video and match each person with one of the reasons why they fast. (The reasons have been paraphrased.)

 1. Omar Hamdi   a. It connects me with people around the world.
 2. Humza Arshad  b. I do it because I’m Muslim.
 3. Hanan Bihi   c. I do it for the Three Rs - re-charge, respect, re-engage.
 4. Shafi Musaddique   d. It gives me a better body!
 5. Nadir Nahdi   e. It’s good not to be comfortable all the time
 6. Shelina Janmohamed   f. It’s a spiritual detox.

Activity 4: Eid al-Fitr

Look at the pictures showing Muslims around the world celebrating Eid al-Fitr. Discuss the pictures with a partner as you look at them. Which is the most interesting or beautiful and why?


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