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Webquest: St George's Day

Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate

On 23rd April, we celebrate England’s patron saint, St George. But St George isn’t just the patron saint of England. Who was he? Where is his day celebrated? And did he really kill a dragon? Find out the answers in this webquest.

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Activity 1: Who was St George?

Choose one of the topics below and prepare a report. Use the questions to help you.

1. A biography of St George

Open this link and read the introduction:

a. Was St George English?

b. Where was he born?

c. What was his occupation?

d. When did he live?

e. How did he die?

f. When was the first St George’s Day?

2. George and England

Open this link and read the section entitled George and England:

a. In Britain, who first heard about George and when?

b. Who helped grow George’s reputation?

c. What did English soldiers have to wear from the 14th century?

d. What does the flag of Saint George look like?

e. What is the George Cross? What image can you see on the Cross?

3. The legend of St George and the dragon

Use this site for information:

a. Where did this famous battle take place?

b. What was the dragon doing to the country?

c. Describe the battle in your own words.

Activity 2: A web cross

Solve this puzzle and learn about how St George’s Day is celebrated around the world. Use the websites below to find the answers to the questions.




The boy scouts






 Web cross St George

Web cross clues



Many ________________ are sold in Catalonia on St George’s Day.


In Bulgaria, St George is the patron of ________________.


St George is usually shown on a ________________. (He is also the patron saint of this animal.)


The famous English author ________________ was born on St George’s Day.


In Canada, St George’s Day is a provincial holiday in Newfoundland and ________________.                                      



The Rose and Book Festival is held in the Spanish city of ________________.


St George’s Day is also a day for ________________ in Catalonia, like Valentine’s Day.


A legend in Coventry, England, says St George was ________________ there.


In Leicester, there will be a ________________ for families to celebrate St George’s Day.


St George is the patron saint of Boy ________________.


In Catalonia, on St George’s Day, men offer women a ________________.


In Ukraine, St George’s Day is also the Festival of Spring. Celebrations involve ancient Ukrainian ________________.


Ukrainian Boy Scouts celebrate St George’s Day in the month of ________________.


In Norwich, the St George’s Day celebrations include a model dragon called ________________.


The children of Coventry, England, celebrated with a ________________ of the legend.

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