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A collection of interactive games and activities to help learners to practise grammar and skills. Check out Street Cats, our high-energy platform game!

Street Cats screenshot

You can display them on a monitor or on a screen. For each game there is a zipped file. Save the file on your computer and open it from your computer in order to play the game.

** Please note that most of these games can only run on PCs and are currently not suitable for Macs. Street Cats is suitable for both Mac and PC users.



  • Street Cats

    Our fun interactive game is perfect for all ages and can be played on both PCs and Macs. Choose a cat to suit your personality and help it grab words and build sentences. But, beware! Life is dangerous for a street cat ...

  • Beginner - Elementary

    A selection of interactive games and activities at beginner and elementary levels.

  • Pre-intermediate

    Staff Room

    A selection of interactive games and activities at pre-intermediate level.

  • Intermediate

    Staff Room

    A selection of interactive games and activities at intermediate level.

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