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Information and webquests on Labor Day, Moon festival and Rosh Hashanah.

September festivals

  • Festivals: Labor Day

    Type: Reference material

    Labor unions existed in Canada in the early 1800s but legislation was adopted to make it illegal for workers to form unions, but groups of workers formed their own organizations anyway. British tradesmen who immigrated to Canada took with them the traditions of the older British trade union movement which started an international relationship with Britain. In time, the ties between Canadian and American workers became closer and eventually the relationship with British unions disappeared ...

  • Festivals: Moon festival

    Type: Reference material

    No one is sure of where this festival originates but one popular belief is that it comes from the ancient legend of Hou Yi and Chang'e. Earth had ten suns which each shone down on the earth in turn, but one day all ten shone together. The heat was unbearable for the crops and for the people. It is also believed that fierce beasts ran wild on the earth, terrorizing the people. Hou Yi, a strong archer but a tyrannical ruler destroyed nine of the suns, saving one after requests and shouts ...

  • Festivals: Rosh Hashanah

    Type: Reference material

    The name of this Jewish festival means 'head of the year' or 'first of the year' and signifies the Jewish New Year. It is an important and spiritual time for the Jewish people as they reflect on mistakes from the previous year and plan changes for the year ahead. This year it starts on the sunset of the 15th September and lasts for two days. In the Jewish calendar the festival takes place on the first two days of Tishri. According to the Jewish holy book, the Torah, Man was created ...

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