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Information and webquests on Guy Fawkes Night and The Day of the Dead.

November festivals

  • Festivals: The Day of the Dead (1st and 2nd November)

    Type: Reference material

    When the Spanish Conquistadores landed in what is now known as Mexico 500 years ago, they found the Aztecs and Meso-American civilizations displaying skulls in a ritual that appeared to mock death. Historically falling in the ninth month of the Aztec Solar Calendar, approximately the beginning of August, the Dia de los Muertos was celebrated for the whole month. Celebrations were hosted by the goddess Mictecacihuatl, known as ‘Lady of the Dead’, who was believed to have ...

  • Bonfire night index

    Festivals: Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire Night (5th November)

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  • Festivals: Al-Hijrah

    Type: Reference material

    Al-Hijrah acknowledges the beginning of a new year and the passing of time. Muslims measure time by using the Islamic calendar (Hijrah) which is made up of 12 lunar months.

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