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Beyond: B1: Extra resources

Beyond is a new course for teenagers, focused on developing the linguistic skills and strategies language learners need. Here we gather together extra resources at B1 level for each unit to help you and your students go beyond the textbook.

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Unit 1: Life stages

Macmillan Life Skills: Get Organised – Making arrangements

In this Macmillan Life Skills lesson, students practise making arrangements with their classmates developing the following life skills: time management and prioritising.

Unit 3: My music

Topics: Music

Students are introduced to the topic of music in this instalment of Adrian Tennant’s Topics series. The lesson is available at two language levels (Pre-intermediate and Intermediate +) and gives students practice in reading, listening and speaking skills, as well as exercises focusing on grammar and vocabulary. 

Unit 5: Five senses

Macmillan Life Skills: Communicate / Cooperate – Blackout

In this Macmillan Life Skills lesson, students role play being stuck in a blackout developing the following life skills: adaptability and decision making.

Unit 7: Tradition and change

oseindex teenagers time to travel

A Time to Travel: USA: Slaves no more

Amber journeys back in time to meet Abraham Lincoln and show him how his desire to pass the 13th Amendment changed the course of American history forever. In this lesson, students will: learn about Abraham Lincoln, slavery and black American history; practise extensive and intensive listening and a range of listening sub-skills, including listening for specific information and listening for detail; learn a range of language related to the end of slavery and consolidate this language ...

Unit 9: Learning journeys

Team competition: Reported commands

A team competition at upper intermediate level to practise the reported commands He/She told you to … and He/She said to …

Unit 2: Pack your bags

oseindex teenagers time to travel

A Time to Travel: USA: Off to a flying start

Amber travels back to 1905 to meet famous airplane inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright. Can she manage to avoid crashing one of their original flying machines? In this lesson, students will: learn about the Wright brothers and other American inventors; learn a range of language related to flying; practise extensive and intensive listening and a range of listening sub-skills; complete a memory recall comprehension task to consolidate the story and new language and practise a variety ...

Unit 4: Very important people

ose attt 376x232

A Time to Travel: Knights of the Round Table

Amber travels back to the time of the legendary King Arthur and finds herself caught up in a thrilling quest to return Excalibur.

Unit 6: Selling power

The clothes shop

This mini-play is set in a clothes shop in Manchester, where two friends are chatting to each other as they shop. 

Unit 8: She said, he said

Spot on news lessons for teens : A boy wizard grows up

This Spot on news lesson features an interview with Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, who talks about growing up as the infamous boy wizard.

Unit 10: Changing fashions

A ghost's guide to London: Episode 5: Shoreditch

Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London, takes students on an audio tour of trendy Shoreditch.  Students will practise listening and telling stories from memory.

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