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Beyond: A2 plus: Extra resources

Beyond is a new course for teenagers, focused on developing the linguistic skills and strategies language learners need. Here we gather together extra resources at A2+ level for each unit to help you and your students go beyond the textbook.

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RSS feed for Unit 1: Switch on

Unit 1: Switch on

Board game: Frequency adverbs

A board game at elementary level to practise the present simple with frequency adverbs and time expressions for groups of three to four students.

RSS feed for Unit 3: Wild world

Unit 3: Wild world

oseindex teenagers time to travel

A Time to Travel: Brazil: Lost in the rainforest

In this lesson, students will learn about the Amazon rainforest have a discussion about places they would like to visit.

RSS feed for Unit 5: Who am I?

Unit 5: Who am I?

Predict your future

A British English worksheet to ask and answer questions about the future and to write a group poster.

RSS feed for Unit 7: Time for work

Unit 7: Time for work

Topics: Jobs: Pre-intermediate: Lesson plan

In this lesson by Adrian Tennant, students will: read job advertisements from a newspaper, complete exercises on topic-specific vocabulary and collocations and listen to a short radio news report.

RSS feed for Unit 9: Sports report

Unit 9: Sports report

Topics: Sport: Pre-intermediate: Lesson plan

In this lesson by Adrian Tennant, students will: read short sport-related newspaper stories, complete exercises on topic-specific vocabulary and past forms, and listen to a short radio news report.

RSS feed for Unit 2: Home and away

Unit 2: Home and away

The Road Less Travelled: Episode 1: The phone call: Audio and activities

Katie gets a call from her cousin in California, inviting her to move there. Their conversation is interrupted when Katie’s boyfriend arrives home.

RSS feed for Unit 4: What's cooking?

Unit 4: What's cooking?

Topics: Food

This lesson from Adrian Tennant’s Topics series introduces the topic of food. Available at Pre-intermediate and Intermediate levels, students can practice reading, listening and speaking, as well as focusing on grammar and vocabulary. 

RSS feed for Unit 6: Mind and body

Unit 6: Mind and body

A Time to Travel: England: Knights of the Round Table: Lesson plan

Amber travels back to the time of the legendary King Arthur and finds herself caught up in a thrilling quest to return Excalibur, Arthur’s sword, to Camelot Castle and the king himself. Will she and Sir Lancelot escape the dragon and the evil sorceress Morgana? In this lesson, students will: learn about the legend of King Arthur; practise extensive and intensive listening and a range of listening sub-skills; practise decision-making in groups to choose the outcome of the story as it ...

RSS feed for Unit 8: Media mix

Unit 8: Media mix

Have we met? Present perfect and past simple: Lesson plan

Students take part in a whole-class role-play to practise using the present perfect, then switching to the past simple.

RSS feed for Unit 10: Brainwaves

Unit 10: Brainwaves

Mobile English: Ideal phone

Print out the images of the old-fashioned mobile phone and modern smartphone located in the file under Related resources at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can find Creative Commons licensed images by searching in Flickr

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