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Beyond: A1 plus: Extra resources

Beyond is a new course for teenagers, focused on developing the linguistic skills and strategies language learners need. Here we gather together extra resources at A1+ level for each unit to help you and your students go beyond the textbook.

Unit 1: An A-Z of me

Describe and grab: Adjectives

A competition at elementary level designed to practise adjectives for size, shape and colour that can be played in either groups or teams.

Unit 3: Animal magic

Ideal room: There is / there are

Students talk about their ideal room and then compare with their partner’s using there is and there are. They end the activity with a timed memory game working in groups of four.

Unit 5: Other worlds

Card game: Present simple

Students take part in a small-group card game to practise the present simple.

Unit 7: Theatre workshop

Present simple and continuous 1

A British English worksheet to match the sentences to the pictures to practise using the present simple and continuous.

Unit 9: One day

Guessing game: would like

A guessing activity at elementary level to practise would like + noun, and would like to for groups of three to four students.

Unit 2: People

Thank you!

A short speaking lesson by Lindsay Clandfield on the theme of thanking.

Unit 4: Play

Telling the time

In this worksheet, young learners read a series of clocks to complete sentences, and match clocks to daily activities such as ’bedtime’ and ’playtime’.

Unit 6: Holiday home

Role-play: Much and many

A pairwork role-play game to practise using much and many.

Unit 8: Weather report

Last week: past simple

Students take part in a small group, information-gap and puzzle-solving activity to practise the past simple.

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