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Tim Bowen has his hands full with this handy selection of hand-related idioms.

Someone who has their hands full is extremely busy.  Hopefully, they will have another person on hand who they can call on for help and, if necessary, they can work together hand in glove (work very closely together) to get the task done before things get out of hand (get out of control). On the other hand, a busy person may be efficient and have everything in hand (everything under control).

Being lazy and having too much time on your hands often go hand in hand (go together). As does spending money hand over fist (spending more money than you can afford) and getting into debt. If this happens, people often find the situation is taken out of their hands (out of their control) by the companies they owe money to, and their hands are tied (they have no control) as to how much interest they pay on the debt.

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