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Controlled speaking

A selection of lesson plans that focus on controlled speaking. Topics include the Oscars, stereotypes and saying thank you.

Controlled speaking lesson plans

  • Teaching functions: Review and needs analysis

    Author: Alex Case Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate Staff Room

    A functions review and needs analysis where students match a selection of functional questions and responses.

  • Functional language: Riding the metro

    Author: Lindsay Clandfield Level: Pre-intermediate Staff Room

    A functional language speaking lesson by Lindsay Clandfield, where students practise giving directions for a metro system in a city.

  • Functional language: Giving a compliment

    Author: Lindsay Clandfield Level: Pre-intermediate

    Reviewing and extending positive adjectives, giving and receiving compliments. Students discuss when it is appropriate to give compliments in their culture.

  • Stuff and things

    Author: Lindsay Clandfield Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate Staff Room

    Students practise using all-purpose words like stuff and thingsto ask for things they don’t know the word for in English.

  • Thank you!

    Staff Room

    A short speaking lesson by Lindsay Clandfield on the theme of thanking.

  • Speaking skills: Cars

    Author: Karen Richardson Type: General lesson plan

    Students learn vocabulary related to cars and participate in discussions about cars.

  • Stereotypes

    Author: Karen Richardson Type: General lesson plan

    This lesson by Karen Richardson gives students practice in talking about the mildly controversial topic of stereotypes.

  • And the Oscar goes to ...

    An information-gap activity for talking about the movies.

  • Asking questions

    An oral interview speaking class for practising: short answers, the present simple, verb to be, can, future (going to); Numbers and letters; basic vocabulary.

  • Celebrity crimes

    Four speaking activities all connected to the theme of celebrity crime.

  • Culture shock

    Students discuss how adaptable they are and then learn about the different stages of culture shock.

  • David Beckham

    An information gap activity featuring David Beckham.

  • The best job ... for your partner

    A lesson plan by Lindsay Clandfield in which students determine the best job for their partner or friend.

  • Christmas games: Christmas stocking board game

    Get in the Christmas spirit with Lindsay Clandfield’s fun, festive board game which places an emphasis on oral fluency.

  • The deck of business conversations

    A speaking lesson plan with Kings, Queens and Jokers. Can be used for non-business classes but very good for small business groups and one-to-one.

  • The deck of conversations

    A speaking lesson plan with Kings, Queens and Jokers.

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