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Film and TV: Fantasy series

Level: Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan Print material

In this lesson, students practise speaking, listening and using new language about fantasy series.

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WARNING: This lesson refers to two online videos taken from fantasy series. While these videos don’t contain explicit material, you should watch the videos before the lesson to judge whether they are appropriate for the particular group of students.

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Readers' comments (4)

  • Hi Jools_72,

    Really pleased you're enjoying the Film and TV lessons. As mentioned below to Nestxu we will add your request to the wishlist and hopefully if it turns out loads of people have asked for them, we will try to do some more at lower levels.

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  • Love the lesson...Would love to see something for pre intermediate levels too!!!

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  • Hi Nestxu,

    Thank you for the lovely feedback! We don't have immediate plans to make pre-intermediate Film and TV lessons but the fact that you have asked for them means we will add this as a request to our wishlist. If we get lots of demand for them, then it's more likely we will do it.

    Is the reason you love these lessons based on the fact they're on the theme of film and TV, based on the type of activities, because they use video clips or something entirely different? We'd love to know.

    In the meantime you might find the below series useful. It's about varying topics, uses audio and video clips, and the aim is to get students producing language for set scenarios. Some of these are pre-int level:

    If it was the theme of film and TV that you particularly liked, then we also have gathered all of our film and TV resources into one place so that might be of interest to you:

    I hope that helps a bit!

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  • I love these resources. However, unfortunately, my students this year have a pre-intermediate level. Are you planning to create more resources like these in a lower level? It would be great. Thank you anyway.

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