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1st March 2018: Harmless or vicious? The uneasy return of Europe’s wolves

The first wolf in 100 years has arrived in Belgium, completing the animals’ return to mainland Europe. But can Europeans relearn how to live alongside the predators?


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  • Hello,

    This is certainly a hot topic for debate! All newspapers are biased to some degree, however we believe that the Guardian has less of this than many. However, we also believe the benefits of using an authentic source such as this out way the possible negatives, and we do choose our articles very carefully.

    Best wishes and happy teaching,

    The onestopenglish team

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  • As JA mentions, media bias is something we should be aware of. Of course, the articles from The Guardian are good material, and like any source of news media, there might appear to be some unintential bias, or somthing that is intentional. Either way, it is good for students to look at articles like this in several ways: as a means to improve reading skills, and also to enhance their awareness of how language is used in the media. In the latter sense, these articles can serve futher, equally useful puposes in the classroom.

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  • Patrick Barkham using the verb 'slaughter' with respect to Norway's approach to the wolves is biased reporting through the contorted use of language. Often done by reporters wishing to produce an inflammatory effect. (Not really all that far from social media.) Slaughter, other than in sports lingo, is either used to describe the killing of animals for meat or the massacre of humans. Norway is doing neither of these. However seeing as Mr. Barkham agrees with Finland he uses the verb 'cull'. Please let's not personify a wolf. A good article overall but I will be advising my students of the proper use of the verb slaughter other than in biased reporting usage. One stop English you need to be very careful about reporting Guardian items verbatim without editing. As most people know they are a highly politicized newspaper and far from unbiased. Let's not pass this approach on to our learners.

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