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7th September 2017: The takeaway capital of England

One of the most deprived areas in England, Blackburn also has the highest proportion of takeaways. Do residents think there are too many?

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Readers' comments (4)

  • Dear JA,

    We're sad to hear that you were offended by the title of this news lesson - obviously this wasn't our intention, and we'd like to apologise. We have retitled the lesson to simply 'The takeaway capital of England', which we hope is better.

    We do use the original headline from the Guardian articles, but we take your point on board and will take more care when picking articles and titling the lesson plans themselves in future. For reference, the Guardian article can be found here:

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  • Your title 'Welcome to' is in VERY POOR taste in this article and does not properly respect the British sense of respect and propriety. People who take advantage of this way of eating are obviously not properly instructed about food, most probably those who work - overworked and lacking time, those who don't have jobs no better off. I love the Guardian news articles but you must be very careful on how you present them and must edit according to our standards, your clients, and not sensationalist titles that British tabloids are wont to do. I am not accusing the Guardian of being a tabloid but this title is worthy of it. Was it actually in the Guardian headline. I doubt it.) y. I was born in Blackburn 66 years ago and this is a sad situation. Your 'Welcome to' takes away from the gravity of the situation. You should be ashamed of yourselves for lacking sensitivity.

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  • Hi adi,

    Have a look here for young learner lessons plans:

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  • I would like to give me lesson plan for kids and song

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