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4th May 2017: Why so much airline food ends up in landfill

Airlines created 5.2m tonnes of waste in 2016, most of which went to landfill or incineration – and it cost them £400m.

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Hi Alison,

    Many thanks for the feedback and thanks especially for highlighting those errors. Both of them have now been amended and we will aim to be even more eagle-eyed in the future when these lessons are being edited!

    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • Hi there,
    I love your news lessons and use them a lot with students. I thought you would like to know that there is a mistake on the Pre-int/Int version of this one. The definition of the keyword disposable is mixed up with the definition of recover. And the word trolleys should be singular according to the definition.
    But keep up the good work!

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  • Okay, thanks for making that (kind of) clear. It seems that some of the elementary lessons ARE adapted from the other level news articles (Japanese workers..) and it would be nice to seem them on one page, rather than on a completely different one (if they are on the same topic) but anyway, good to know that there ARE elementary lessons available. A pity that they also don't come out weekly like the harder levels though..

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  • Hi thedamage,

    Thanks for your feedback. If you look in the 2017 news lesson archive you can find all the recent news lessons and here's a section of topics that we've published in the last few weeks.

    11th May 2017: Way cleared for motorsports on English roads (sports)

    6th April 2017: Tech workers feel poor in Silicon Valley (technology)

    30th March 2017: Japan gives its workers a break – to go shopping (industry/consumerism)

    23rd March 2017: How AI is affecting the travel industry (technology and tourism)

    16th March 2017: Fake news is “killing people’s minds” (marketing/news)

    23rd February 2017: Universal basic income is becoming an urgent necessity (finance)

    26th January 2017: Happiness depends on health and friends, not money (culture)

    We always aim to cover a broad range of topics and these lessons cover a good number of the topics that you mentioned. We don't have a specific customer in mind for the news lessons - they are for all types of teacher, and we recently introduced elementary level news lessons in response to customer feedback. However, feel free to let us know if there are any other topics that you'd especially like to hear about.

    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • Could we not have articles a little based on healing the world? I'm not saying it ain't useful and beneficial, but not all the time. For example look at recent crop: Saving waste, world map to focus on the poorer countries and then Poo in bags in India. Come on! Stop treating the Global South (if they're your biggest customer) as if they need this all the time. How about something on Culutre, Finance technology, tourism, industry, marketing, sport etc.... A good balance please

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback. The recent change in the level of the news lessons was a response to user feedback. We now have 4 levels of news lesson:

    upper int

    We don't currently have any plans to split the pre-int and int levels. The elementary news lessons are on a separate topic from the other three levels as they are not adapted from a Guardian news article. They can be found here:

    Of the other 3 levels, they are very similar to the levels prior to the change so the lowest level is suitable for pre-int/int students, the next level would be fine for high int or upper int students and the highest level is just for advanced students.

    Hope that helps.
    Best wishes,
    The onestopenglish team

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  • Can I ask when different articles for pre-intermediate and intermediate are coming back? I'd hazard a guess that there are more teachers who'd appreciate this more than the difference of upper intermediate and advanced...

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