Number one for English language teachers

Travel resources

Travel broadens the mind but it’s also a great chance to improve your English with this handy collection of holiday resources. 

Audio adventures

A Time to Travel: USA: Off to a flying start

Amber travels back to 1905 to meet famous airplane inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright. Can she manage to avoid crashing one of their original flying machines? In this lesson, students will: learn about the Wright brothers and other American inventors; learn a range of language related to flying; practise extensive and intensive listening and a range of listening sub-skills; complete a memory recall comprehension task to consolidate the story and new language and practise a variety ...

Hospitality and tourism

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

In this introduction to his series of resources for English learners in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, Keith Harding provides some tips for using the materials, including teaching pre-work and in-work students, mixed ability classes and how to balance grammar and vocabulary with a focus on communication and functional language.

Going on holiday

Holiday game: Future of can/can't

An activity where students receive an exciting holiday and must list all the things they will and won’t be able to do on their given holiday practising the future of can and can’t.

Speaking: Holiday activities

Shala Barczewska wins the competition with a seasonal lesson plan on how to talk about holidays, practising past tenses and third conditionals.

Travelling onestopenglish teachers

Tuk Tuk Travels

Two teachers, Nick and Rich, travelled around the world in a tuk tuk to visit charitable projects and promote English language teaching. We followed their adventures here on onestopenglish.

Air travel

Low-cost air travel

This lesson, based on an article from Business Spotlight, is about the emergence of low-cost travel and South West Airlines. 

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