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Summer school resources

Whether you’re teaching a short course or summer school, here’s a bumper resources page to help you get ready for the summer.

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Bring a bit of sunshine into the classroom with a stimulating range of projects: from Carol Read’s Amazing world of animals to Jamie Keddie’s series Using art in the classroom. What’s more, with our huge bank of interactive games, audio serializations and Top Trumps resources, we’ll make sure there’s never a dull moment this summer!


The Road Less Travelled Facebook group

The Road Less Travelled: Season One

Meet Katie as she makes a new start in Caifornia from the UK.

oseindex teenagers time to travel

A Time to Travel

A Time to Travel is an audio adventure by Luke and James Vyner. Follow Amber and Naz as they time-travel through history.

A ghost's guide to London: A cinematic experience by Luke and James Vyner

A ghost's guide to London

Our cinematic listening series.

Grammar and vocabulary

ose series 100x100 grammar v2

Fun with grammar

Grammar games and activities by Jill Hadfield, each of which is designed to provide practice and review of a single grammar point.

Grammarman style


Never fear, Brian Boyd’s Grammarman is here to address all your students’ punctuation problems and provide syntax solutions in the form of a comic-strip worksheet.

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Integrated skills: Topics

Adrian Tennant introduces a new series of integrated skills lesson plans based on a mix of common coursebook topics.


Summer solstice index

Webquest: The summer solstice

Learn all about the summer solstice and how it is celebrated throughout the world in our seasonal-themed webquest.

macmillan ose techtools 100x100

Tech Tools for Teachers

Tech Tools is a series of articles giving a whole host of ideas and suggestions for using technology in the classroom.

oseindex methodology mobile english

Mobile English

Technical wizards Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney present a series of lesson plans on using mobile phones in class.

intergrated skills video

Video projects

A series of integrated skills lessons by Jackie McAvoy on recording and producing video and audio clips in the classroom.


toptrumps emoti 100x100

Top Trumps Emotis: Teens advanced

In this lesson for teens, students expand vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and write and recite an imaginary online chat.

toptrumps emoti 100x100

Top Trumps Emotis: Teens elementary

In this lesson for teens, students revise and expand vocabulary, practise speaking about feelings and play a negotiations game.

toptrumps london 100x100

Top Trumps London: Teens intermediate

Vocabulary for describing London’s tourist attractions.


ose lesson share 100x100

The park

Amy Humphreys wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson to help teach children to write descriptive sentences.

film and tv 100x100

Film and TV: Documentaries for kids

In this lesson for young learners, students focus on vocabulary and speaking related to jobs and ambitions.

film and tv 100x100

Film and TV: Animated films

In this lesson for young learners, students focus on vocabulary and speaking related to animals and talking about feelings.

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