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Sports and hobbies resources

Get your students into shape with this collection of lesson plans, worksheets and games on sports and hobbies.

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As well as general lesson plans on the subject (see Topics: Sport), we have a kit bag full of resources for a healthy classroom, including a mini-play featuring a father and son heading to a football match and an instalment of Business Spotlight in which top skateboarder Tony Hawk offers his tips for success.  

Adults and teenagers alike can enjoy our selection of Guardian news lessons on all things energetic. Teens can also find inspiration with a Spot on news lesson that features an article about a prodigious sailor. Plus, there are lots of fun song videos for young learners to enjoy in the form of our M Tunes song videos.

On your marks. Get set. Go!  

Other sports and hobbies resources

11th January 2018: Why left-handers excel at certain elite sports but not others

Data suggests being left-handed is an advantage in sports where time pressures are severe, such as baseball, cricket and table tennis.

18th January 2018: Stella McCartney calls for change in ‘wasteful’ fashion industry

Fashion designer joins with Ellen MacArthur Foundation to stop the industry consuming a quarter of the annual carbon budget by 2050.

Board game: can (ability)

A fluency-based board game at elementary level to practise can in statements, negatives and questions.

Football fanatics

This mini-play features a father and son from Yorkshire, who are on a long-distance journey to a football match. The lesson contains a downloadable MP3 audio file and a PDF with student worksheets and teacher's notes.

Games and activities: Clowning around

A fun activity for students to practise prepositions of place.

Sports and leisure interactive resources

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Body Rock Video

A song video and interactive games on the subject of exercise.

More games and activities

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