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A guide to London, Live from London and other resources to help your class learn about the home of Onestopenglish.

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Let Lord Jeffrey lead you on a cinematic journey of discovery in A ghost’s guide to London, listen to authentic interviews from Trafalgar Square, King’s Cross, the South Bank and beyond in our brimming collection of Live from London lesson plans or meet some quirky characters in Tim Bowen and Liz Plampton’s marvellous mini-plays. Thanks to onestopenglish, London is only a click away …

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    Top Trumps London: Teens intermediate

    Author: Colm Boyd Level: Intermediate Type: Game, General lesson plan Staff RoomPrint material

    In this lesson for teens, students speak about tourism themes, learn vocabulary for describing tourist attractions and practise the pronunciation of some famous places in London.

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    Top Trumps London: Young Learners advanced

    Author: Colm Boyd Level: Advanced Type: Game, General lesson plan Staff RoomPrint material

    In this young learners lesson, students study the layout of the London tube, learn vocabulary related to describing buildings and play a city budget game.

A ghost's guide to London

Let Lord Jeffrey lead you through London's streets in Luke and James Vyner's thrilling listening lessons ...

A ghost's guide to London: Christmas special: Part 1

In the first part of this two-part special, students will learn about the Christmas lights of Oxford Street and practise listening for gist.

A ghost's guide to London: Christmas special: Part 2

Lord Jeffrey, the Ghost of London, takes students on a thrilling audio tour of London at Christmas time. In the second and concluding part, students will: learn about Christmas traditions in Britain; practise listening for gist and reconstructing audio stories from memory; focus on the meaning, form and use of Christmas vocabulary and practise this vocabulary a personalized speaking task.

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Live from London


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Live from ... authentic podcast lessons

A series of innovative podcast lessons featuring authentic interviews. We went out and about in London and further afield asking members of the public a series of questions and recorded their answers. Each podcast comes with a set of worksheets plus a transcript of each interview for you to use in class.

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Other London resources

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A local’s guide to the 50 best places to visit in London

Do you live or teach in London? Do you have students who are planning a visit to London? Here, a few members of the London Language Experience team behind our fantastic cinematic listening series A ghost’s guide to London, Luke ...

A marathon, not a sprint

This lesson, based on an article from Business Spotlight magazine, is about London hosting the Olympic Games and the disruption and challenges this may cause people living in the city. 

The bus stop

This mini-play features a man and an elderly woman talking about mobile phones and the environment while waiting for a bus. The lesson contains a downloadable mp3 audio file and a lesson plan with student worksheets and teacher’s notes.

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