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Literacy and reading themed resources

Whether you’re teaching the alphabet to absolute beginners, wanting to improve more advanced learners’ reading skills or just looking for some articles on literacy teaching, we have them all here. We even have resources on digital literacy for those whose teaching includes tech.

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Reading - exams

bulats 100x100 reading

BULATS Reading and Language Knowledge: Multiple-choice gap-fill

A lesson to engage students’ interest in and understanding of the multiple-choice gap-fill tasks in the BULATS Reading & Language Knowledge test.

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BULATS Reading and Language Knowledge: Multiple-choice reading comprehension

A lesson to help engage students’ interest in and understanding of the multiple-choice reading and comprehension tasks in the BULATS Reading and Language Knowledge test.

Digital literacy

Teaching EAP: Literature: Teaching digital literacy

Dr Chris Lima offers advice on ways to teach digital literacy to prepare students for EAP classes.

First steps into ... Digital Literacy

In the second article in this new series, Daniel Barber investigates Digital Literacy and its impact on the ELT classroom.

Reading - Adults

Class reading

Thais Casson wins the Lesson Share competition with this lesson based on students’ own reading experiences.

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Lesson Share: Instant coffee

Pete Clements wins this month’s Lesson Share, which shows students how to continue a story in the style of the original author.

Reading - children

Picture Perfect

Stories and poems

A series of lesson plans based on original stories and poems, and advice on how to integrate storytelling and drama into language lessons.

Map reading

Helps young learners develop map-reading skills and spatial awareness. Pupils use a grid map and cardinal directions to measure distances and find places in a town. Teacher’s notes provide step-by-step instructions and suggestions for additional map-reading exercises and classroom activities.

Literacy and literacy teaching

ose lesson share 100x100

A crazy story

Maricruz Garrido wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson to practise using adjectives to describe people.

Reading matters: Decoding texts

Adrian Tennant delves into the detail of how texts are put together and how you can infer meaning. He also covers the presumptions we make when reading texts and how to deal with issues such as vocabulary within a text as well as issues connected to punctuation.

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