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Halloween resources

A range of worksheets, lesson plans and interactive materials to help your students learn all about Halloween.

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Whether you teach children, teenagers or adults, you’ll find plenty of choice for your Halloween-themed lessons. From worksheets about the history of Halloween to songs and activities for young learners, and from a scary webquest to audio serializations of literary classics, we’ve got all your spooky needs covered!

Want more? Visit the Macmillan Readers page of Halloween resources for a collection of spine-tingling stories this October.


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Live from London: Halloween Video

This video includes interviews with Londoners talking about Halloween.

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Film and TV: Horror movies

In this lesson, students practise speaking, listening and using new language about horror movies.

Happy Halloween! Video

A song and interactive games on the spooky topic of Halloween.


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Young learner topics: Festivals - Halloween Trick-or-treat rap

An activity with accompanying audio, available at two different difficulty levels.


Trick or treat! This is a lesson plan to teach pupils about the costumes and traditions associated with this ‘ghoulish’ festival, popular in many English-speaking countries, while reinforcing the present continuous. Pupils solve riddles to guess the Halloween character, draw and describe a Halloween costume, and use patterns to create Halloween decorations.

Fantasy characters

Describing story characters is an important stage in the development of creative writing. In this worksheet, pupils match pictures and text descriptions to fairytale creature before writing their own description of a fantasy character.

Spooky resources

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Film and TV: Thrillers

In this lesson, students practise speaking, listening and using new language about thrillers.

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Webquest: Halloween

This spooky webquest includes activities on popular Halloween traditions, global celebrations and terrifying tales.

Grammar: Murder mystery

Simon Mumford’s sinister winning lesson serves up a healthy dose of intrigue in order to revise the past tenses.  

Macmillan Readers

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Owl Hall

Owl Hall, by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield, is a gripping teenage mystery story told in thirteen spooky parts with book, website and audio serialization.

Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad

This advanced-level story, by M R James, is set in Burnstow, a seaside town on the east coast of England. It tells of how university professor makes an interesting discovery with disturbing consequences. It is told in seven parts; each part contains audio and an accompanying lesson plan written by Daniel Barber or Ceri Jones, which includes teacher’s notes, student worksheets and a full transcript and glossary. Part 1 is free to all onestopenglish users.

More serialized Macmillan Readers

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