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Food and drink resources

Teach your students all about food with a delicious collection of food related worksheets, lessons plans, flashcards and games.

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CLIL resources

Amazing world of food

The Amazing world of food, by Carol Read, is a project for Young Learners designed to simultaneously build up learners’ language skills and knowledge of food. The project is divided into six lessons and leads to a final outcome of children creating a group e-zine/magazine with the title ‘Amazing world of food’.

Diet and disease

A lesson plan containing two worksheets for students working in pairs that include readings and error correction exercises on diabetes, rickets and influenza. An information-gap activity gets students to share information about the dangers of obesity and hypertension and what happens if we do not get enough Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C in our diets. There is an optional poster project and detailed teacher guidance.

Vocabulary resources

ose everyday life 100x100

Everyday life: Food

In this lesson, students learn about countable and uncountable nouns, learn about different types of food and prepare a food diary. 

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