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Downloadable chapters from the Macmillan Books for Teachers series.

Downloadable chapters

  • Children Learning English

    Author: Jayne Moon

    Children Learning English reveals the special features of teaching foreign languages to young learners. It is an inspiring read and a useful practical guide in a single volume.

  • Learning Teaching

    Author: Jim Scrivener

    The revised and extended edition of the ever-popular 1994 edition addresses the most important, challenging and interesting situations of the English classroom and provides assistance to coping with them.

  • Sound Foundations

    Author: Adrian Underhill

    This new and updated edition is a real help for teachers to feel comfortable when speaking and teaching pronunciation. The CD contains demonstrations of the activities with author's commentaries.

  • Teaching Practice

    Author: Roger Gower, Dianne Phillips and Steve Walters

    This indispensable classic helps you cope with different teaching scenarios when you are preparing to become a teacher of English or if you are preparing others to become English teachers.

  • Uncovering Grammar

    Author: Scott Thornbury

    How do we learn grammar? Uncovering Grammar helps explain the way grammar functions in language. The task sheets help you and your students understand the processes of grammar in language acquisition.

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Sounds: The Pronunciation App

Study, practise and play with pronunciation wherever you are. Version 3 of the award-winning App is now available.


Blended Learning

A handbook to help teachers get the most out of blended learning in and beyond the language classroom.

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