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Macmillan Education's Distance Teaching and Learning Hub

The efforts taken by Macmillan Education to support the ELT community during the Coronavirus crisis 

In times of school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, delivering lessons remotely has become a priority - and challenge - for thousands of teachers worldwide.

In order to support the ELT community, the team at Macmillan Education are making their digital components and resources available for free for both Teachers and Learners for as long as the schools remain closed. 

In partnership with NILE, the team have created the Distance Teaching and Learning Hub to provide teachers with easy access to expert information, practical e-lesson plans and an easy-to-use summary of all digital components available for their ELT courses.

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KNOW HOW - Distance teaching comes with its own set of challenges even for experienced educators. That’s why the team at Macmillan Education have created a dedicated training programme, delivered by recognized NILE experts, to get all teachers up to a speedy good start. Join the webinars, watch short videos or read the blog posts. 

TEACH YOUR COURSE FROM HOME - Macmillan Education’s ELT courses come as a blended package of print materials and digital components, accompanied by videos and other resources available for both teachers and students via resource centres.  So teachers can continue using their regular English coursebook, while teaching from home. Follow the simple steps outlined on the Hub to start delivering lessons remotely. 

FREE EXTRA RESOURCES - The team at Macmillan Education have selected extra resources (Macmillan Practice Online and Macmillan eReaders) that enhance teaching and learning from home and are making them freely available for Teachers and Students for the next 6 months, until the end  of October 2020, as part of their commitment to support the global ELT community in the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this, onestopenglish will be free for all users for this academic year, until the end of June 2020Quick start guides to help teachers and students use these resources are available on the Hub

With these actions, it is the hope of all of the staff at Macmillan Education that the ELT community will get through these complex and demanding times, while still managing to provide students with good quality education worldwide. 









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Readers' comments (3)

  • Thank you so much for the help.

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  • Thank you guys, it doesn't work though. Error 500

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  • Hi Valejovi,
    We are experiencing a lot more traffic at the moment and although we have paid for more server space, there can be timeout issues sometimes. Please keep trying because the page is working.
    The onestopenglish team

  • Does this mean for those who have paid subscriptions, that our pais period will just be extended?
    Great initiative in these weird times, thank you

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  • Hi Hilary,
    Weird times indeed, but we are pleased that we can help. Please contact customer services by completing the form here and they will answer any question you may have.
    The onestopenglish team

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