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Is CLIL a passing fad which will probably have disappeared within 10 years?

A selection of quotes from the CLIL debate survey.

"I don't think so, I truly believe that it is "the" methodology for teaching English as an International Language."

"No idea. It depends on how much money the educational administration will decide to invest. We all know that it is very expensive to train teachers for CLIL and much more expensive if the aim is REAL quality. If it is only propaganda, or to have a notice at the entrance of your school saying "bilingual" I'm afraid this is going to be a short- term project."

"I hope that CLIL does not result a passing fashion, because I think it is really a step forward within EFL and ESL practice. Practicing teachers need to continue researching CLIL and its applicability in their classrooms. The results also need to be analyzed after a reasonable time of application. CLIL needs to continue further development and investigation in order to establish which are its more outstanding benefits and which traces need to be re-evaluated."

I don't think it will have disappeared but it will definitely make young people's life much, much tougher. Have mercy! Not only will they have to gain the growing knowledge but additionally work on the tool (also continuously developing). They are young human beings not robots? Have mercy!

"No, it's the future in language teaching right now."

"More of a flawed concept than a fad."

"I think CLIL has to some extent always been around, perhaps under different guises (e.g. immersion programs such as those in Canada). Coming from an island with two official languages, English and Maltese means that the language of instruction at school varied. Of course, one still needed English lessons however lots of new words related to the subject being studied were picked up as a matter of course. If anything CLIL is a way of engaging students in a more natural and meaningful way that can compliment but not fully replace "standard " EFL lessons."

"I would imagine that this style of learning/teaching might become more integrated but with all these 3-4 letter acronyms will no longer be the latest buzz word!"

"It's far too expensive for any state to apply in its purist form and basically most young learner teachers I know have been applying CLIL in its weakest/diluted form anyway! I think it is already a reformulated, recycled fad from CLL (content language learning) in my opinion! That doesn't mean I don't respect it, it is the re-labelling which is a little annoying. I mean, teaching content through a second language is common to most bilingual states!!"

"I personally do not think so as English is going to be the "Lingua Franca" and CLIL is a good way to improve the language competence of the students."

"You never know! We could be learning and teaching Chinese which might be in great demand. Personally I hope CLIL will stay."

"Due to globalisation I expect CLIL to develop more."

"I think that global awareness of the importance of English has made CLIL enter the collective consciousness and that it is here to stay."

Could be - after all we have been through everything else! I think maybe after an initial phase in which we all try it out, the best will be picked out and used, just as the best from all other methodologies have been chosen and are still being used when and where appropriate.

"No, it is definitely here to stay but the key is non-native speaker teachers must have a 'good' level of English to be effective CLIL teachers." 

"If it has disappeared it is because it has become integrated."

What do you think? Do you share any of these views? Do you disagree with them? Have your say in the discussion forum.

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  • CLIL is a concept that can be applied generally to the way we teach foreign languages and not necessarily English.

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