Number one for English language teachers

How could CLIL impact on your professional life?

A selection of text messages sent to the panel by the audience during the interactive 2009 CLIL Debate.

"Happier students?"

"More training."

"Very interesting debate as so involved in publishing wld luv 2 get involved."

"We have been using clil for some time it works argentina."

"It should enrich our teaching and learning."

"In training teachers."

"Hopefully sell more books etc!"

"I'm a business english teacher. Bus eng has always been about clil."

"It will change the way u learn a f lang."

"I'm already using it in my country it makes more sense than traditional teaching."

"I can link multiple intelligences with clil."

"Involve an element of retraining."

"It has already caused lot of positive impact."

"Clil could make me redundant - i'd like that!"

"It would make my teaching more meaningful."

"It would enrich my life."

"Has opened up a world of opportunities."

"Not sure it could."

"More opportunity to collaborate with state sector."

"Trying to implement a clil project in my school."

"A lot."

"It would complement my teaching."

"At this stage mostly reflection."

"It could put me out of a job!"

"It will open my pedagogical horiizon."

"It won't."


"Make things more complex?"

"Improve fluency."

"The content teachers take more of lang teachers' responsibility without the professionalism."

"Makes me a better and more relevant professional."

"Wil av 2 giv more teacher trainin sessions."

"Choice of real & engaging materials for adult learners."

"I will try clil with my 121 esol student."

"No immediate impact but later."

"Perhaps it is good for language teaching but i think it shortchanges students on content."

"It will certainly broaden horizons for everybody involved."

What do you think? Do you share any of these views? Do you disagree with them? Have your say in the discussion forum.

CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?
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