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IELTS exam orientation

This lesson helps to answer students' questions about the exam, and introduces students to examples of questions in the reading paper.

When students come on an IELTS preparation course they often have a lot of questions about the exam. This lesson helps to answer some of those questions and at the same time introduce students to some examples of different types of questions they will encounter in the reading paper. Worksheets are provided which you can download.

  • Stage 1
    Write to the board: What do you know about the IELTS exam?Let students work in pairs or small groups to think about the question and share their information for a few minutes.Students feedback answers to group, at this stage don’t give any answers to their questions simply find out what information they already have.
  • Stage 2
    Hand out worksheet 2 and ask the students work through questions discussing possible answers in pairs.
  • Stage 3
    Hand out worksheet 1. Ask students to skim read to find answers to check answers to quiz questions. Set a time limit.
  • Stage 4
    Hand out worksheet 3 (summary and T/F/Not Given question types). Allow students to work on questions individually. You may choose to go through one question at a time taking the opportunity to discuss exam technique for each type of question.

You will also find a key (Teacher's notes) or the above exercises included in the downloadable worksheets.

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  • IELTS in my country is good because at my school ACE they provide us IELTS exam when we finish level 12.

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