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With more details coming out and the story showing no signs of dying down, Tim Bowen looks at phrasal verbs in the news – in particular, the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

In recent weeks, one story has dominated the British media – the newspaper phone-hacking story.

Allegedly, private investigators, paid for their services by journalists at a leading Sunday newspaper, hacked into (connected illegally to) the mobile phones of politicians, celebrities and victims of crime. Having gained access to the voicemail of their victims, the hackers spied on them (observed them secretly) by listening in on (secretly listening to) their private conversations.

As more and more details leaked out (became known), some journalists have complained that they were constantly leaned on (pressurized) by editors to come up with (think of) exclusive stories for the paper and this, in turn, forced them to resort to (do something extreme in order to deal with an unpleasant situation) illegal methods to come by (obtain) such stories.

As the scandal grew, the debate about the freedom of the press and personal privacy started to hot up (intensify). It soon became clear that the newspaper in question had also attempted to cover up (hide) certain evidence of wrongdoing. In order to fend off (deflect) further criticism, the management of the newspaper decided to close it down and lay off its 200 employees (make them redundant).

The furore over the behaviour of certain individuals shows no sign of dying down (subsiding) and, as ever more lurid details come out (emerge) on an almost daily basis, no-one can say with any certainty what the investigation into the affair is going to turn up (discover) next.    

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  • Thank you, Tim. This will do nicely for my 1:1 student this week. Barry.

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