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A collection of teachers’ letters from Europe.

Teachers' letters from Europe

  • Turkey: An overview

    Author: Nihat Koroglu

    Nihat Koroglu talks about a beautiful country with an newfound enthusiasm for learning English.

  • Croatia: Teaching business English

    Author: Anonymous

    A teacher based in the capital, Zagreb, gives an impression of a country steadily rebuilding itself.  

  • Romania: 'We evolve'

    Author: Diana Nastasia

    Diana Nastasia talks about her mixed bag of professional experiences in her homeland and the country’s development since 1989.

  • Czech Republic: Small town Czechs

    Author: Greg Kerry Type: Reference material

    Greg Kerry whispers to us about living the quiet life among the limestone hills between Prague and Pilzen.

  • Estonia: 'The world has come nearer to us'

    Author: Leena Punga

    Leena Punga educates us on life in a rural pocket of the Baltic state.

  • Italy: Two letters

    Author: Monica Vittadini and Suzanne McCallion

    Primary school teacher Monica Vittadini and language assistant Suzanne McCallion reveal their thoughts on training and diction.  

  • Hungary: 'I've no plans to move'

    Author: Sze Foong

    Sze Foong is in it for the long haul in Budapest, and explains why …

  • Germany: A letter from Bremen

    Type: Article

    Christiane Oliveira shares her experiences of teaching in this small town in Germany.

  • Belgium: Opportunities for teaching English

    Author: Colin Barnett

    Colin Barnett’s expectations of teaching purely Business English in Belgium were confounded in his first week – in a good way.

  • Norway: From Kristiansand

    Author: Hege Annette

    Hege Annette feels more like a doctor than a teacher as she strives to find the right treatment for her students.

  • France: The show must go on

    Author: Louanne Piccolo

    Louanne Piccolo’s primary students take to the stage to memorably mark their end of term.

  • Ukraine: Tough but rewarding

    Author: Tanya Kerusenko

    Tanya Kerusenko talks about teaching with limited resources and getting creative.

  • Russia: Views from two cities

    Author: Saul Pope

    Saul Pope gives the lowdown on life in Moscow and St Petersburg.

  • Teacher's letter: UK: Light in the dark

    Author: Genevieve White Type: Article

    Genevieve White wraps up warm and heads out for a night of celebration with her ESOL learners in the Shetland Islands.

  • Czech Republic: An overview

    Author: Anonymous

    A Czech teacher gives an honest account of life in Prague.

  • France: Views and advice

    Author: Erin Douglas

    Erin Douglas explores the opportunities for an American in Paris (or anywhere else in France!).

  • Poland: Expect the unexpected

    Author: Vergil J Smith Type: Article

    Vergil J Smith thought he was well prepared to answer any questions his students fired at him. He was wrong …

  • Latvia: finding warmth in a cold climate

    Author: Nicky Yeeles

    Nicky Yeeles finds enthusiastic and well-behaved learners with a strong belief here in traditional teaching methods in Riga.

  • Spain: two viewpoints

    Author: Anthony Gore, with a response from Diarmuid Fogarty

    Anthony Gore reports on the difficulties of working in Spain's private ELT market and Diarmuid Fogarty responds with a contrasting experience.

  • Poland: The lost art of listening

    Author: Rachel Studinski Type: Article

    Rachel Studinski lays down the law with her teenage students – and reaps the benefits.

  • Turkey: questions and answers

    Author: Adam Simpson

    EFL in Turkey

  • Spain: A learning curve

    Author: Clare Sheppard

    After an initial culture-clash, Clare Sheppard finds her work in Barcelona to be enriching rather than an endurance test.

  • Poland: Just starting

    Author: Anonymous

    An undercover teacher reveals their thoughts about the Polish classroom and the pressures on teaching staff.

  • Italy: It's good to talk

    Author: Kate Morris

    Conversation teacher Kate Morris engages her students on the subjects of ideal jobs and cultural stereotypes.

  • Switzerland: An overview

    Author: Vincent Van der Sluis

    Vincent Van der Sluis offer his thoughts on living and teaching in the land of mountains, cheese and chocolate.

  • Russia: Working in Moscow

    Author: Phillip Donnelly

    Phillip Donnelly provides an overview of the city, including information on accommodation, work, social life and safety.

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