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Diary 8: The Snow

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  • Sunday 21st November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    The new week commences with a chance for me to further my voice-over career. As well as providing language learning, the school I work for also offers a translation service, and it is from this that my new sideline has sprung. From time to time firms require not only text translation, but also a native English speaker to record the text for some reason or other. Hence somewhere in St. Petersburg there is a restaurant which, if you call up when they’re closed, has a recording from me ...

  • Friday 26th November - Sunday 28th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Seems good old Max wasn’t perhaps quite so shiny-white after all, with my colleague’s passport only being surrendered in exchange for a bottle of vodka and a small cash reward. At least he can go and get his visa, though. Play rehearsal tomorrow. Just realised that the dreaded December is almost upon us, and we still don’t really know what we’re doing….The play rehearsal wasn’t too bad. We’re going to have a break from it next week, then get back into ...

  • Wednesday 24th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Well, the voice-over went ok; I can feel proud that I’ve done my bit towards the St. Petersburg bid to get the 2005 Women’s Handball World Championships. Yesterday’s open lesson was good as well; they even gave me an apple. The highlight of the lesson was undoubtedly clearing up, for not the first time in a classroom over here, that haggis is a Scottish dish that has nothing to do with nappies (Huggies seems to sound identical to the Russian ear). So everything has gone ...

  • Thursday 25th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    As if to emphasise the problem, I found out when I got into work today that another teacher was robbed on the Metro this morning – a mobile phone this time, so they’re doing quite well out of Language Link this week. However, the main problem of the moment has been solved. After a day of headaches, frantic phone calls and frayed nerves all round, a kindly policeman based at the local metro station in a matter of a few sweet seconds untangled the whole web ...

  • Wednesday 17th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Well, it finally caught up with us today; the snow, that is. We’ve been lucky up until today, but quickly and silently this afternoon St. Petersburg was blanketed with the covering that is set to be here until April or thereabouts. And it was indeed very quick this year. I went to the local cheap cafe for a bite to eat around 4.00 and the skies were still clear. By the time I’d scoffed down my soup and the mystery meat they serve up and gone back outside at 4.30, the ...

  • Thursday 18th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    It’s almost as if the snow has never been away already. Strange how you get used to it so quickly, but as I left the metro station on my way home tonight it didn’t even register that there was some cold white stuff all around me that hadn’t been there two days earlier. As you might have guessed, the winters here are quite monotonous and sometimes seem to blend into one. Anyway, before I forget, the answer to the grammar question I set in one of my earlier entries. ...

  • Friday 19th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    I’m pleased that this week I’m able to give myself at least a seven for all of my lessons, and the one in which I did the stress role-play (with the doctors) got an eight, which must be verging on man-of-the-match material. The stress role-play went well because it got everyone moving around and working with different partners from usual. In the past I’ve perhaps been guilty of thinking that it’s only children who need to move around in lessons. Although they perhaps don’t realise it ...

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