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Diary 6: Christmas party

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  • Friday 29th October

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Halloween is almost upon us, and I haven’t been sent any free Halloween lessons by email. I just hope they get their act together in time for 5th November. Although all these free lessons are nice to have, I tend to find that they only really come into their own at holidays and festivals. I don’t think you can go wrong with the free Christmas lessons, or at least I hope they won’t this year - I can’t get the Wham! Last Christmas gap fill and discussion activity out again…

  • Sunday 31st October

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    No trick-or-treaters tonight – I don’t think they bother in Russia, and very wise too. As I sit on this cool St. Petersburg evening it is therefore not the potential knock at the door from an evil child that gives me slight discomfort, but the fact that tomorrow is November. After that it’ll be December and time for our Christmas play, and at present I don’t have a clue what to do. This is my third year at Language Link, and it’ll also be my third play. The difference ...

  • Wednesday 3rd November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Got a Bonfire Night lesson by email today, so they’ve made up for Halloween. Unlike Halloween I quite like 5th November, and was happy to spend a good section of my favourite class today discussing it. It’s a good class topic as it’s about the only British festival nobody knows much about. Try asking them about Christmas or Valentine’s Day and watch their eyes glaze over, but Bonfire Night is different. I think I like it not just for the fireworks, toffee apples and ...

  • Saturday 6th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    AM I did it. Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn, opened my laptop before my eyes were even opened properly and knuckled down to some serious creative thinking. I kept this up all morning, aided only by my wife’s suggestions and copious amounts of green tea, and by early afternoon we had it – the Christmas play. I’ve stolen quite a few ideas from last years play, including the excellent song, but there ...

  • Wednesday 10th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    There was nothing brutal or cynical about my work on the Christmas play, fortunately, and I added quite a chunk to it without many problems. And my staff, bless them, really liked it when I showed it to them yesterday. All have agreed to take part, and the first rehearsal is tomorrow. The students are already getting excited – whole groups have already promised to come from what I’ve been told, so we shouldn’t have any problem selling tickets.

  • Friday 12th November

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Although it’s certainly not number one, teaching EFL perhaps rates pretty highly as a stressful job in Russia. Half the Thursday nightmare group (the good half) got on with the jobs and stress stuff well; the other half wriggled around in their chairs and gossiped in Russian, only lapsing into English when they had some triviality they figured might interest me. I hate having to get angry with students, especially ones who are old enough to know better, but it had to ...

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