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Diary 4: Back home

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  • Thursday 6th January

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Ten things I’ve learnt from the two weeks I’ve just spent in England, in no particular order:I’m totally out of touch with modern British music (aren’t Blur cool any more?).Judging by the two matches I saw, Leicester City aren’t going to get promoted this year.The Guardian’s not as good as it used to be.British people complain a lot about trivial things when it’d be easier just to get on with it.Russian people complain ...

  • Friday 7th January

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Having already had Christmas and New Year in Britain, I am lucky enough this year to have made it back over here in time to also be able to celebrate Russian Christmas, which is today. Not that you’d really know. I first realised that it wasn’t going to be a particularly big day when I congratulated my wife in the morning, only for her to ask me what for. I’ve spent the day with my relatives, but Christmas was barely mentioned; the dinner we had was in honour of my wife ...

  • Monday 10th January

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Well, they almost all made it back. Just one missing, but for the moment I’m going to have to reserve comment on him. The most important thing is that the three new teachers have all settled in well it seems, and I hope that their first day’s teaching has gone well. Three more are arriving on the night train from Moscow on Sunday morning, so it’s early doors for me. At least the weather’s good for it. Yesterday was the hottest day in January in St. Petersburg for over ...

  • Saturday 15th January

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    If I was hoping for a quiet first week back, then it didn’t happen. On Tuesday I ‘released’ one teacher from his contract (the one who didn’t come back), cue protracted arguments about how to get his bags back to America, who his visa belongs to and who is to blame for the whole situation. At that point it seemed that things could only get better, at least that was until some of the teachers who are still here stopped turning up for lessons, leaving yours truly ...

  • Monday 17th January

    Author: Saul Pope Type: Reference material

    Had a pretty good weekend with Rob – I’d forgotten how good some of the bars in St. Petersburg are, even if one we visited had run out of beer. Their green tea was nice though. He also made me think about the future, and what I want to do once my contract is up in the summer and I am once again a free agent. I really enjoy EFL teaching – the creativity involved in making a good lesson, the thrill of rolling it out and seeing if it works as well as you’d imagined, the ...

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