Number one for English language teachers

Melissa Briggs

At the time of writing this diary, Melissa Briggs had been teaching English for 15 years and was living in Switzerland. She was working online, teaching at a local private school.

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  • A day in the life of Melissa Briggs

    Author: Melissa Briggs Type: Reference material

    A busy day online today. I start at 8.00am, still in my pyjamas and not yet woken up. Thank God webcams aren’t obligatory yet – our kitten is clawing her way up my back and going for my headset. I have 6 hours online today: three 45- minute classes this morning and three from 1.00pm. I must try and complete the reports immediately – I always leave them a day or two and end up with 18 to do and a nasty email from admin.

  • Adult beginners

    Author: Melissa Briggs Type: Reference material

    Well, I was wrong. After 5 weeks I’ve lost only one and a half of my beginners - and this week gained two new students. Roger, 31, giggled his way through our first lesson while Willy sweated and gulped for an hour and a half. They were sat next to each other like Laurel and Hardy. Willy was in his late 50s, a large, ugly man with a red face and a bulbous nose. He had never studied English in his life and was clearly suffering. He blinked at me repeatedly, licked his ...

  • January blues?

    Author: Melissa Briggs Type: Reference material

    January blues? December came and went in a blur of tinsel, satsumas and exams, and here I am two-thirds of the way through January. My New Year’s Resolutions this year include organising my work better – dropping the classes or students that drain me, being more assertive in saying ‘no’ when asked to do the classes that look like they might drain me - and leaving sufficient time to get to my lessons, so no more running down icy streets, coat flapping, muttering curses ...

  • Exit diva stage right

    Author: Melissa Briggs Type: Reference material

    The greatest news must be that the dreaded Monday course has finished and the Diva is off to Australia – where I hope he will stay. (As an aside, Australia must host as many Swiss as Switzerland does. I have lost count of the numbers from this small country that head off down under to learn English. Cheaper and sunnier than the UK they say.) Anyhow, my dreaded Monday course was surely ill-fated: two employees of the school itself – the Diva and the school manager ( so sporadic attendance ...

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