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Diary two: English teacher

  • Diary 2: English teacher, Monday 1st November

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    Today it was the town school’s turn. Went there on time (yes, I did have time for photocopying!), prepared my worksheets and everything – or so I thought - and pretended I was ready to face the crowds. I knew from the previous day that when I spend 5-6 hours preparing things and 2-3 hours correcting other things, well, it’s not going to work. I know it. I get so tired that I become anxious and restless and stupid and a hypochondriac. And all the brilliant ideas stay ...

  • Diary 2: English teacher, Saturday 5th February

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    The truth is I’ve read some other teachers’ diary entries and that finished me off. I love reading Simon Greenfield’s diary. The problem is that he includes a lot of metaphors, puns and idioms I cannot understand and I usually end up with a list of questions.

  • Diary 2: English teacher, Friday 18th February

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    During the Christmas holidays I felt so disillusioned about my professional status not to mention the purpose of existing and getting into a classroom that I started thinking whether leaving my office job was one of the most hopeless decisions I’d ever made. Too late to be sorry… In fact, I left the education office with a triumphant look on my face and an absolutely naïve attitude “Now I’m going back to creation!» Creating chaos, creating frustration, creating suicidal ...

  • Diary 2: English teacher, Monday 21st February

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    When I finished the English Language Studies Department at the Athens Uni, I had no idea about all that (not the viruses, the school thing). We studied history, literature, linguistics, some phonology and phonetics, a little bit of (naïve) methodology and some other grim subjects I prefer not to remember. I liked history and literature and I really enjoyed some linguistics courses. The rest…phew! Let’s say, I could not appreciate the way they were taught. The point is that I couldn’t ...

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