Number one for English language teachers

Diary one: English patient

  • Diary 1: English patient, Thursday 25th November

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    It’s very cold and windy today. It was snowing when I left the village. If someone had seen me driving (because there are hardly any cars on the way home), they would have thought I was drunk. I was driving all over the road rather than in my lane, as the view was beautiful. Mist and clouds and autumn colours (winter has just started) and the villages perched on hills and chimneys smoking and patches of grey and white in the sky. There was a dead hedgehog in the middle of the road too ...

  • Diary 1: English patient, Saturday 4th December

    Author: Liana Kokkaliari Type: Reference material

    When I came back from school on Friday, I had a very sore throat. By the end of the day the speech organs were still in there but nothing seemed to work properly. Where has my voice gone? Not to my pupils’ ears or brain, that’s certain…

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