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Amthal Karim

Amthal Karim is an English literature graduate educated in London but now living in Sheffield. She teaches evening classes at Sheffield Hallam University.

I am an English literature graduate educated in London but now living in Sheffield. I studied for a Journalism Diploma a few years ago but found the field hard to break into so, whilst working for Sheffield Hallam University, I studied the Trinity college certificate in TESOL. I then began teaching voluntarily before I went on maternity leave. I have now taken on teaching formally although it is only part-time/occasional work. I hope to take on teaching as a full-time job as soon as my toddler is settled in nursery.

The classes I teach are based at Sheffield Hallam University and take place in the evenings. The classes attract ages from 16 onwards and the students are a mixture of nationalities and different backgrounds. There is no set syllabus so each lesson is self-contained and, more than often, topic based. There are three levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced. I teach mainly at Beginners level.

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    Teaching is not my one passion in life – like most people, I do it because it happens to fall within the career path that I have chosen and pays well. The biggest bonus – as my husband will agree when he arrives home after a long day working in a bureaucratic council job where no-one does anything and everyone thinks your useless – is that I seriously enjoy it. It gives me a buzz to know that I have taught somebody something useful that they didn’t know before! Ok, so all the students ...

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    This evening, I must admit I am slightly nervous. I haven't taken a lesson for a while and I had a hard time deciding what to teach the students today. Also, I'm not sure if there has been a new intake of students so there might be a lot of new faces too. It's half an hour until the lesson begins and I've already re-arranged the furniture in the classroom - ok, maybe moved a couple of chairs around - set up the overhead projector and laid out all the tasks and worksheets ...

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    I am now teaching intermediate level students - known simply as 'Group 2' - and the first thing that strikes me is that the intermediate group is much larger than the beginners group. This does not become so obvious as when - at 6:10pm - the latecomers make their way through the classroom door. I already have twenty students and five observing trainee teachers. Another eight students and two observing teachers file into the room! After a few minutes negotiating with ...

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