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Anecdote: UFOs

Type: Anecdote

A middle aged man showed up to my ESL adult night class in Japan. He wore a business suit and white construction hat. He made little effort to speak for the first two weeks, until one night discussion came around to the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. He became animated. He claimed that, while walking his dog two years before, he had been kidnapped by a UFO. He spent a year in space with a host of other kidnapped earthlings including a Bolshoi ballerina, with whom he fell in love. The other class members, not knowing quite how to react, played along. They peppered him with questions about the details of his time aboard the UFO, which he answered earnestly. After class he took me aside and told me how much he had enjoyed the class, commenting that he liked me because I resembled the UFO's pilot. I thanked him, and never saw him again.

From Japan

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