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Anecdote: Tin of tuna?

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I was teaching an intermediate group of mixed nationalities. We had been studying defining relative clauses and as a practice activity we played a game. The class was divided into two teams and there was a set of cards to share. Each card had five categories: 1. People, 2. Places, 3. Objects, 4. Actions, 5. Other. The idea of the game was to win as many cards as possible. To win the cards, the teams took turns to nominate one member of their team to describe as many cards as they could in one minute.

The game was running smoothly. It was neck and neck until a Korean girl got stuck on a card.

"OK, it's a thing. A thing that you buy in supermarket. A fish that comes in a can."

No response from her group. She persisted.

"A can of fish that you buy in the supermarket. A can of fish in the supermarket! A fish that is in a can! In the supermarket!"

Blank faces. Still nothing. The desperation mounted.

"A fish! A can! In the supermarket!"

Time's up.

We looked at the card. It wasn't a thing.


(tin of tuna!!)

Apparently, Tina Turner's not big in Korea. The other students loved it!

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