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Anecdote: An embarrassing body part

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Last term I taught an upper-elementary conversation class. Although the students didn't have much grammar or vocabulary, they were rather outgoing and communicated quite well with limited grammar and by simply linking words together.

The class had only 3 students - two men and one women (who was a bit of an outspoken feminist).

I gave the students funny articles from an advice column of a newspaper, one article to the two guys and a different article for the woman. Each article dealt with a personal complaint about a boyfriend or girlfriend. After reading the article I asked the students to summarize what the article was about in their own words (not looking at the article as best as they can). The women began but was lacking the appropriate vocabulary to communicate well. 

The woman: "This article is by a girl who is complaining about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has a disgusting habit - he is always touching and playing with his......I don't know the word - a part of the body. This is a habit that many men do, women never do this because they are different and don't even have this. The girl doesn't mind so much if he does this in private. In private it is still disgusting but many men do it. Most men are embarrassed to admit that they play with this privately and would never do this in front of other people. Some men do this in their cars. I see it all the time. But it is terrible to touch this in public. Once, he did it in front of her parents!"

The two guys were staring in horror. I had difficulty interrupting to clarify as she continued on for a while, each moment the looks of the guys growing increasingly amazed and embarrassed. In the end I clarified (the part of the body was the nose) and saw a wave of understanding come over the two men. The girl, on the other hand, never had any idea how her story sounded to the rest of us. I felt very sorry for the two guys as they are rather reserved people.

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