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I am an English teacher at a high school in Mexico. I give classes to several groups from different grades. I have always had a very nice relationship with all my students. Usually this would be considered a good thing, and in most cases it is. Unfortunately in some other cases this can cause students to see me just as another one of their kind.

Because of this, I had to live a very strange experience. I was giving my final class of that day, Friday. I couldn't have imagined what was going on outside of my classroom on the 2nd floor while I was focused on my 11th graders. About half an hour before the class was over, a group of boys from my 12th grade, who by the way are American Football players, managed to lift my Volkswagen sedan and carry it all the way to the second floor just in front of my classroom. Imagine my face when the bell rang and I opened my door just to see my car right in front of me in the hallway!!! As soon as I recovered from my shock, I turned to my students asking "Why on Earth did you do this??!!" Between laughs one of them finally answered: "We wanted to save you the long walk to your car!" Well, if he was expecting to hear me say thank you, he had it all wrong. I just got in my car, turned it on, and went down the stairs bumping and bumping. Fortunately I had all weekend to recover from my surprise and nothing terrible happened to my car. Next Monday, as I entered my 12th grade class, all students were expecting me with a large we-are-sorry banner and a flower bouquet.

From Mexico

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