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Anecdote: What's your name?

Type: Anecdote

Warren Bunn shares this month's winning anecdote about encountering students on the street in South Korea.

I'm an English teacher in South Korea. On the street it is common for young children to say "Hi! How are you?" and other simple English expressions they are familiar with.

One day as I was walking along, a van full of children pulled up at the traffic lights alongside me. A wave of greetings and questions flowed out of the van, "Hello!", "Where are you from?" and "What's your name?". As it was the end of a long day, I disregarded their questions and replied sternly, "Hey, you should sit down and put your seat belts on".

As the van drove off, the students gave me a farewell: "Bye Seat belt, bye bye".

Warren Bunn
South Korea

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