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Anecdote: The colour purple

Type: Anecdote

Brynn Hanson-Nogues shares her winning anecdote about a cheeky student in France.

Teaching in French schools for the past couple of years has been fun - my students love to make jokes and witty remarks, which I encourage them to do (as long as it's in English)! But I do have to be on guard to make sure they don't cross the line.

It was the first lesson with a group of first year university students, and we were doing one of those "Find someone who..." mingling activities. One student came up to me and asked "Are you wearing purple?" I jokingly asked him if he knew his colours, since I was wearing black pants and a green shirt. With a twinkle in his eye he replied, "But Madame, there are certain things that I cannot see."

The activity ended with a quick vocabulary lesson about the expressions "None of your business" and "None of your beeswax".

Brynn Hanson-Nogues
Orléans, France

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