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Anecdote: Overconfident students beware

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Chris Ellison shares this winning anecdote about a cheeky student.

I've recently started a new company class with false beginners and, stealing ideas, as I always do, from my own Spanish classes, I thought it would be a good first lesson for everyone to introduce themselves to me using some simple personal details, such as age, place of birth, star sign etc.
It was going well... "My name is Rocio, I am 26, I am from Barcelona, and I am Capricorn." etc., until the cheeky chappie of the class stood up to do his presentation. It went like this: "Hello everybody, you know my name is Jordi, I am from Catalonia, I am 39 and I am a Virgin."
Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one to notice the slight lexical error and the class dissolved (slowly, as the joke was relayed for those that hadn't understood) into hilarity.
Chris Ellison

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