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Anecdote: Next!

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Liliana Mihalachi from Romania shares her anecdote about the misunderstandings that can arise when students don't pay attention.

When I teach younger students, I often ask them to take turns reading texts so that I can correct their pronunciation. It is sometimes boring, but I find it important.
I ask my students to read 3-4 sentences each. When they can't read a word, I pronounce it for them and then they repeat it and go on with their reading. It's as simple as ABC. The funny thing is that there are students who don't really pay attention to what they say when I ask them to repeat after me.
Once, while I was doing a reading activity with some very young students, I pronounced a difficult word, let the student say it too and when she finished the sentence, I said "Next!" meaning "The next student!". As she wasn't paying attention to the text, the next student thought I was going on with the reading and she repeated "Next!". I said "Next!" again and she repeated until her classmates burst into laughter.

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