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Anecdote: My trivial pursuit

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Mike Julian struggles to keep a straight face with a student whose general knowledge is lacking …

I have a private student that has no grasp on grammar. To lighten the load (for both of us) we sometimes play Trivial Pursuit, with him receiving the questions from a 6-11yrs version of the game. His answers are such, at times, that it leaves me open mouthed as I’m trying to grasp where the answer came from …

Q: What coconut filled chocolate bar gives you a taste of paradise?
A: BURGER KING!! [this one really was answered with such gusto]

The very next question (I swear):

Q: OK…here’s one for you! What fast food restaurant brings us Chicken McNuggets?
A: Ahhhh, Mike … this one is Burger King!

One week later:

Q: OK! This one! What fast food restaurant brings us the Whopper?
A: McDonalds.

A couple of weeks on:

Q: What rock at the entrance to the Mediterranean belongs to Britain?
A: The Rolling Stones!

And last week:

Q: What colour at the bottom of the rainbow is also a flower?
A: Ummmmm … brown?

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