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Anecdote: My student the stud

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Recently, I was teaching the Present Simple. We were doing some exercises and when there is something ‘special’ I sometimes ask my pupils to spell the word (or the form of the verb) for me.

One of the boys in the class had been colouring his fingernails with a marker, so on one hand he had ‘pink’ nails. I had noticed this and jokingly asked him if he had to ‘perform’ or anything that night. He assured me he didn't.

The lesson went on and we did some more exercises. Again, I noticed that the same boy was colouring his fingernails on the other hand too, to balance the other hand I suppose. I made no further remarks. He wasn't disturbing the lesson or anything, so why draw the attention to him again?

I decided to choose him to read the answer to the next exercise. His sentence was, "He studies languages at university." I made him spell ‘studies’ because the ‘y’ changes into ‘ies’ at the end. He said STUD + i + e + s, emphasizing the Stud.

I don't know if he did this on purpose, but I said, "You don't look much like a stud to me right now, young man, not with your pink fingernails!"

The entire class started laughing, though I'm sure more than half of them had no idea of what a ‘stud’ really is, nor did I explain it to them. If they want to know, they only need to look it up in the dictionary.

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