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Anecdote: Lap dancer

Type: Anecdote

Sallie Howson's student gets confused between two very different forms of dancing

I was teaching my elementary class of handsome young Italian men recently when I wrote a few ‘truths’ about myself on the board to introduce ‘can’ and ‘can't’. As an overweight older woman, I do like to put some unusual but true things about me to surprise them, even give them a giggle. I wrote several things including, 'I can tap dance.'

After a while I noticed one of the students looking puzzled and soon he asked me, 'You can lap dance?'

Without thinking I fluttered my eyelashes at him and said, 'Yes, but only in private.'

As horror crossed his face I burst out laughing and explained the difference between TAP dancing and LAP dancing. This caused great amusement for the rest of the class who wanted a practical demonstration of both types of dancing. Needless to say, I didn't oblige.

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