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Anecdote: Farmyard fun

Anton Balažovič reminds us of the Hollywood adage, 'Never work with children or animals'!


A few years ago I was teaching small children (7-8 years old) and we were doing some exercises about animals. I asked many easy questions and the children of course answered easily - what they look like, how they 'talk', where they live - they knew nearly everything because they had learned it before in Slovak lessons.

At last I asked another easy question, 'What do we get from a sheep?' One girl answered, as expected, 'Wool.'

Then I asked, 'What do we get from a hen?'

Another little girl whispered, 'Eggs.'

And my last question was, 'What do we get from a cow?'

A boy cried loudly, 'HOMEWORK!!!'

Excellent answer, isn't it?"

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